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*rises from the depths of lurkdom* Due to a bit or prodding from folks (I'm looking at you, El), I'm finally doing a quick little update. I'll go into more detail on the summer later, when I'm not at risk of being late for Greek.

The semester thus far has been decidedly...meh. I really don't like my Greek Art and Archaeology professor, Greek has been kicking my ass, and I'm really worried about failing Homosexuality in Antiquity. On a ligher note, however, I am fully enjoying Greece and Egypt, Eta Sigma Phi has been fun and I haven't gotten into a major spat with Emily about the apartment. Also, I'm helping to run a Werewolf game in town, which definitelty has its ups and downs. Won't bore ya with the details, though; I know most of the folks who read this prolly won't understand most of the in-game stuff anyway. *grin*

Overall I'm doing pretty well, barring the fact that I'm sans Interweb on my computer at home. With luck the wireless router that Em's mom is going to send up will help; if not, I'm just gonna go buy one myself. I've either been doing stuff on campus or using Em's computer, which workd to a degree. I feel bad taking over her computer, though. *le sigh* With luck we'll get something figured out.

As today is my day for signing up for classes, I figured I'd post my schedule (as it is, anyway; haven't talked with my advisor yet). Enjoy.

Greek and Roman Epics 11:15-12:05
Beginning Latin 12:20-1:10

Aegean Bronze Age Art and Archaeology 9:30-10:45
Age of Alexander 2:00-3:15
Myth in Greek Art 3:35-4:50

Greek and Roman Epics 11:15-12:05

Not too bad, eh? Only one class on Friday, good break between classes on T/R, done early most days (which will help when I finally find a job). I know the professors for all of the classes barring Myth in Greek Art and Latin II, which is a perk.

Anyhoo, I've gotta ramble if I'm gonna get to Greek on time. See you guys later.

Catch you on the flip side...

^_^ Caitlin
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