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Well, here it is. One hour before the ball drops in the square and we (on the East Coast, anyway) officially enter 2006. This year is gonna be different than the rest, I know that for a fact. Due to some incredibly stupid thing that I did last semester, I am on my third strike. If I botch it up this semester, I'm doing my senior year at UCF. Screw the fact that the program at FSU is much better, my parents have said that if I can't prove that I can take care of thing in Tallahassee (my grades this semester were abysmal, I almost forgot to send in the rent check for January), I'll be in Winter Springs so they can keep an eye on me.

My parents have given me this talk before, but what really drove it home for me was the fact that my mom was in TEARS when she left the house this morning for my grandparents' place. It made me realize what my slacking was doing to her and I've sworn that I will NEVER let that happen again. So, I've got a few resolutions for this year that I'm damn well going to keep.

1. I'm turning the computer off at 1AM at the LATEST. No more staying up until 4 in the morning listening to Radio KoL and talking with folks online.
2. I'm going to get a job. I've blown through so much money since I started at FSU it's not funny. So, Dad and I are going to figure out a budget before I leave, and I'm gonna stick to it and find a job.
3. I'm going to actually stick with Weight Watchers. I have the booklets and whatnot, so the meetings aren't that necessary. I'm WAY too heavy for my height, and I need to fix that.

Those are the ones I have at the moment; the list will probably grow as the days go on. *channels Darien Fawkes a bit* There's a Chinese proverb that says while teachers open the door, you have to enter by yourself. If I'm going to open the door for others, I need to figure out how to open the lock first. Wish me luck.
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