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And Exalted meme!

The Characters
Ninetails: Psycho fox-totem Changing Moon who serves the Lover Clad.
Tepet Kachula: Fire Aspect Lost Egg whose religious beliefs are...not very appreciated in the Realm.
Kalen Tiral: Twilight Caste linguist who is very connected with his past lives. >_>
Yamika Arali: Secrets Caste who spent the first 30 years of her Exaltation as a cleric of the Cult of the Dual Monarchs.

The Questions
Boy or girl?

Ninetails: Oh, it depends, really. Which would you prefer? >:3
Tepet Kachula: Female.
Kalen Tiral: Male.
Yamika Arali: Female.

How old are you?

Ninetails: I have served my Lady for ten years now. My life before that is irrelevant.
Tepet Kachula: *thinks a minute* 30-something.
Kalen Tiral: I'm 22.
Yamika Arali: It's not polite to ask a woman her age, you know. *slight smile*

What's your height?

Ninetails: Depends on the situation. Usually, 5'6".
Tepet Kachula: 5'6"
Kalen Tiral: Little bit over six feet.
Yamika Arali: 5'7"

Are you a virgin?

Ninetails: *peals of laughter*
Tepet Kachula: Nope. Not telling you any more than that, though. *grin*
Kalen Tiral: *shakes his head, holding up a hand with a moonsilver wedding ring* Married and all.
Yamika Arali: I am not, however the details of my relations are between me and my former partners.

Do you have any kids?

Ninetails: Got a little bun in the oven, as it were. :3
Tepet Kachula: Not yet. Then again, haven't been trying that hard.
Kalen Tiral: Ru does bring it up occasionally, though... <_<
Yamika Arali: Only one. I have not spoken with him in some time, however.

What's your favorite food?

Ninetails: Freshly killed deer
Tepet Kachula: Some of that spicy curry stuff from Lookshy. Hot as hell, but damn good.
Kalen Tiral: The little cakes my grandmother makes for the Winter Festival in Iceholme. Also, anything that Iron cooks is amazing.
Yamika Arali: There is a certain grape which only grows in shadowlands that I've become rather fond of.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ninetails: Strawberry, with a little extra red in it. >:D
Tepet Kachula: Ice Cream? Oh yeah, that stuff we got up north. Gotta go with chocolate.
Kalen Tiral: Love that stuff! Rarely see it farther south than Whitewall, though. My favorite flavor has to be peach, though.
Yamika Arali: Cherry Vanilla.

Have you killed anyone?

Ninetails: Not if I can't help it. Don't learn nothin' if you kill them.
Tepet Kachula: Yep. Happens during a fight; not much you can do about that.
Kalen Tiral: Only once in recent memory. It's something I'd prefer not to do again.
Yamika Arali: A number of times, whether in service to the Monarchs or to the Bureau.

Do you hate anyone?

Ninetails: Not at all. Hate can be broken just as easily as love can. *wicked grin*
Tepet Kachula: Any one person? Not really. I can't STAND monks, though. Stupid holier-than-thou-just-because-I-shave-my-head bullshit. *muttermuttergrumblekicksomething*
Kalen Tiral: Whoever it was that did those twisted experiments in Manse. I will find them one day, and they will pay for that travesty.
Yamika Arali: Only one man; I wish not to speak further on it, however.

Have any secrets?

Ninetails: Not too many, really. I'm a very open person. >:3
Tepet Kachula: Still offer worship to Maruaidha, my tribe's spirit patron. That would get quite a few panties in a twist back in the Realm. *laughs*
Kalen Tiral: Well...I really like sappy love stories. ^^'
Yamika Arali: But of course.

Do you love anyone?

Ninetails: My darling husband, Fallen Star of the Dragons. We go way back, you know. *wistful sigh*
Tepet Kachula: *slight nod* Fangmate of mine. *steely-eyed glare* No, I'm not saying which one.
Kalen Tiral: Ru, of course. Although, I admit that sometimes I can't tell where I stop and Ivory starts in that particular department... >_>
Yamika Arali: My family, both those in Heaven and in the Underworld.

What is your job?

Ninetails: I am the Scourge of the Fortress of Red Ice; I do my lady's bidding.
Tepet Kachula: Leader of the 4th Fang, First Talon, First Wing of the Vermilion Legion. Got a problem with that?
Kalen Tiral: Officially, I am the Master Linguist for Iceholme in the Haslanti League. Unofficially, I travel about looking for lost bits of lore to translate.
Yamika Arali: My duties are tied to both the Dual Monarchy and the Forbidding Manse of Ivy.

Any powers or weapons?

Ninetails: My Lady has gifted me with an excellent weapon. *lovingly strokes the moonsilver cat o' nine tails at her side*
Tepet Kachula: Ah, my babies. *pulls out two red-jade plasma tongue repeaters* Been in my tribe for years. Named after Maruaidha, our patron.
Kalen Tiral: One notable weapon I have is a cold iron sword that Righteous Iron, a Twilight Caste I know, made for me. Powers? Well, I suppose having access to your First Age incarnation could be seen as a power...if you had control over it, that is. ._.
Yamika Arali: I was granted a soulsteel dire chain by my fellow clerics during my early years of service.

What do you do to relax?

Ninetails: Oh, this and that. Usually relax better if I have someone else with me, though. >:3
Tepet Kachula: Hit the firing range, get really damned drunk, then go back to the range. *grin*
Kalen Tiral: Read, mostly.
Yamika Arali: It may sound somewhat cliché, but I enjoy stargazing.

What do you think your life expectancy is?

Ninetails: Life may be hard, but death will come in time. There's no point in fighting it.
Tepet Kachula: As long as Maruaidha smiles upon me. None of this Heseish shit. *laughs*
Kalen Tiral: As long as I can manage. I still have a lot of ground to cover if I want to even BEGIN to understand the stuff that Darkened Ivory was working on.
Yamika Arali: I do not know the length of my own thread, nor do I truly wish to. Everything has an End, after all; no need to dwell on it.

What is your opinion of the opposite sex?

Ninetails: Sex, gender...who the fuck cares? As long as you have fun, right? >:3
Tepet Kachula: Not half bad overall.
Kalen Tiral: Very, very confusing.
Yamika Arali: No opinion either way.

Now what are you gonna do?

Ninetails: It's time to see the doctor. Must make sure that my little dear is healthy, after all. *walks off, humming softly as she gently strokes her stomach*
Tepet Kachula: Get back to camp, I suppose. Think we're doing the planning for tomorrow's fight against some Lintha shitheads.
Kalen Tiral: Going back to cleaning up the manse. Still finding those damned shadow things about... :<
Yamika Arali: Return to my duties, as always.
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